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Mahmood wrote:

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Alex wrote:

tolles Programm.
Vielen Dank dafür.

Zwei Sachen:

1. Der Update Server von spdyn.de sollte update.spdyn.de lauten. (Ich bekomme diese Meldung im Webinterface von spdyn.de
[ Bitte verwenden Sie als Update-Server in Ihrem Client "update.spdyn.de" (Aktuelle Einstellung: www.spdns.de) ]

2. Nach Möglichkeit entweder dynv6 als Anbieter mit einbinden - oder alternativ die Möglichkeit eigene benutzerdefinierte Dienstleister zu implementieren.

Besten Gruß


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Konrad wrote:

After using version Build 294 2013-04-19 PB 511 x64 with spDNS.de I get the message:
"Bitte verwenden Sie als Update-Server in Ihrem Client "update.spdyn.de" (Aktuelle Einstellung: www.spdns.de) "


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Cyrill wrote:

Multiple dyndns host update.

I have a domain with some subdomains. And each subdomain redirects to a different spDNS address. At the moment your software can handle only one address. Is it possible to run multiple instances?


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Mahmood wrote:

Dear Mr. Hörsken,

I have not tested your Local Network, and Wireless Network options yet. If those options really work then please add support for Remote Configuration via Marcs Updater. e.g. An Admin having the ability to remotely configure a customer's local and wireless network.
Additionally, you may also suggest OpenDNS Team to do the same and to update their DNSUpdater as an alternative to the public.

Thanking You Sincerely,
Mahmood Ghazimal


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Wim wrote:

Hi Marc, would it be nice to have a logging file where we can see the latest results of the dns update ?
i think it can be usefull to detect com errors and more
best regards..