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Donald wrote:

Can you suggest why I can't update my IP at OpenDNS.com? I have had installed on a WHS 2011 unit for quite a while and it was working fine. I was recently logged into the server desktop and I saw it wasn't updating. OpenDNS.com had an out-dated IP address for my network. The updater showed a message "The username and password pair do not match a real user. Please check your settings to continue." I have checked and double checked the credentials - which work fine when I log in at OpenDNS.com. I have the correct network name in the Hostname field. I have tried using I have tried installing the updater on another WHS 2011 system as well as two different Windows 10 systems. Everything looks normal and it used to work but it doesn't now. I see only 'badauth' under IP Updates (although there is a green check mark at the front of each line.

A strange thing is that I started Wireshark and I see the updater communicating with updates.dnsomatic.com first before talking to updates.opendns.com. It's encrypted, of course, so I couldn't see the data.

If I install OpenDNS Updater 2.2.1, I can run it with the same credentials and it updates properly. Thanks for any assistance.


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Boq wrote:

We have a failover in place on our router and recently we've been having issues with marcs updater constantly changing the IP back and forth between our primary IP and our secondary failover IP. We use marcs updater because we have a ton of problems with sonicwall's DDNS updater and I'm hoping this doesn't mean we will need to switch back. Any ideas? I was in our server earlier and Marcs Updater changed the IP about 5 times in the course of a minute.


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Emanuele wrote:

Is possible to add Internet.bs DDNS service ( http://www.internetbs.net ) ?


it is possible to use wget to update the ip. Here is a sample url:


Personalized IP

To put ddns offline

Note both URLs i gave you are using https but you can also use http however, for security reasons, we
recommend using https.


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Stefanos wrote:

I've finally found time to use this great app but I found a downside compared to the opendns updater:

It doesn't update when network is connected but only after the update interval. This means that certain actions that I'm trying to prevent won't be blocked at all because if dns resolving is already done, the addresses will be accessible.

Dns Update action for blocking should be done before the applications connect to the internet.

Are you going to make it updating at the time it is connected to a network?

Is there a command to update manually earlier than time interval? I'm thinking to create a scheduled task to do it for now and something like this:



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Stefanos wrote:


I'm going to use this application with openDNS service to block urls. Actually I don't understand how WiFi filtering is working (maybe because English are not my language). Filtering a ssid means that only when connected to it, the service will run? Or the excluded ssids won't be updated?

Is there a way to recognize the wired LAN which is connected, in order to be managed like ssids?


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freelyn wrote:

Is it possible for this wonderful updater to update more than one service at a time? I use DynDNS for my domain entries and OpenDNS to act as a basic content filter. Can Marcs update both for me?


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Juan Manuel wrote:

Hello Marc, it is possible to include an option for Disable the Update to a newer version?.
In XP64 the build 294 don't work correctly and if i use the 293 , it tries to auto-update to a
new stable version.

BTW: in XP64 the release has the following error during install
"this application failed to start because wlanapi dll was not found" i google it, and i found
that there is no WLANAPI.DLL for XP64, there is one for Win 7 64, but not for XP.

Thanks !


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Alex wrote:

Does it update IPv4 together with IPv6 in DNS-O-Matic, or just IPv4 ?


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kesawi wrote:

Does the updater use SSL to connect to DNS-O-Matic?


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pookeybrain wrote:

Is there anyway to run once and exit? I really don't need this program running as a service as my IP might change once a year, if that.