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freelyn wrote:

Is it possible for this wonderful updater to update more than one service at a time? I use DynDNS for my domain entries and OpenDNS to act as a basic content filter. Can Marcs update both for me?


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Juan Manuel wrote:

Hello Marc, it is possible to include an option for Disable the Update to a newer version?.
In XP64 the build 294 don't work correctly and if i use the 293 , it tries to auto-update to a
new stable version.

BTW: in XP64 the release has the following error during install
"this application failed to start because wlanapi dll was not found" i google it, and i found
that there is no WLANAPI.DLL for XP64, there is one for Win 7 64, but not for XP.

Thanks !


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Alex wrote:

Does it update IPv4 together with IPv6 in DNS-O-Matic, or just IPv4 ?


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kesawi wrote:

Does the updater use SSL to connect to DNS-O-Matic?


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pookeybrain wrote:

Is there anyway to run once and exit? I really don't need this program running as a service as my IP might change once a year, if that.


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Micha wrote:

Hi Marc,
I'm using Windows Home Server 2011 (equal to Win7) and running your app to STRATO.
Unfortunately it doesn't work. Any update on that.


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Marc wrote:

Hello everyone,

the new website is now live. Comments have been migrated from Disqus to this site and will now be categorized into discussions, (feature-)requests and issues. I am still working on the automated download section and bringing back the version information.

Best regards,


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Marc wrote:

Hello everyone,
I plan to perform a major update to this site till the end of this month. After that new updates to the application itself will follow, here are some aspects on my todo list for a possible beta version of v2.0:
- update multiple dynamic DNS services
- add more dynamic DNS services (mainly the ones mentioned in other comments)
- support for custom dynamic DNS services
- and of course: internal bug fixes and code restructuring


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Edwin Zhang Wei Sheng wrote:

It is possible to run this on Window Server 2012?


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taskrov wrote:

can the updater run as a service under standard win7 account?