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There have been some reports about issues with the Updater not updating anymore. Please try the latest beta version and switch to another IP Check provider instead of the previous default dnsomatic.com. For some reason they are rate-limiting the number of requests to their service. The new IP Check provider selection allows you to choose another provider in such cases. You can test the functionality with the new "Test" panel.

If you want to add a custom provider to the unstable testing version, store a JSON file like the following under %PROGRAMDATA%\Marcs Updater\ServiceProviders\dyndns.json:

    "name": "DynDNS.org (Test)",
    "endpoint": "https://members.dyndns.org/nic/update",
    "method": "GET",
    "queryString": "hostname={HOSTNAME}&myip={MYIP}",
    "dataPayload": "",
    "defaults": {
        "username": "test",
        "password": "test",
        "hostname": "test1.customtest.dyndns.org"

Supported query and payload tags are {USERNAME}, {PASSWORD}, {HOSTNAME} and {MYIP}. Restart the background service and foreground application to apply any changes.

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hEy wrote:

Hi, installation on a SBS2008 fails, need help ;)
Problemereignisname: APPCRASH
Anwendungsname: Marcs Updater.exe
Anwendungszeitstempel: 517165e1
Fehlermodulname: Marcs Updater.exe
Fehlermodulzeitstempel: 517165e1
Ausnahmecode: c0000005
Ausnahmeoffset: 0000000000026158
Betriebsystemversion: 6.0.6002.
Gebietsschema-ID: 1031
Zusatzinformation 1: 360b
Zusatzinformation 2: 225425c23dafb2c42adb6fa460a79b2e
Zusatzinformation 3: 6e10
Zusatzinformation 4: d29643ec2a0d25f09afb0698bbc3d737


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Mark_from_Trinity wrote:

Came across this software when trying to find an alternative to the old free version of direct update that seems to no longer work properly.

So far the software is great! Its exactly what we needed.

I've noticed though that on 1 or 2 SBS 2008 PC's the installation gives errors and the program will not start. This is using the latest version.

Exception Code: c0000005
That is the exception code under the app crash. Any ideas?


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Touchdown wrote:

Interesting: I've been using your updater for almost 5 years now, and it works great for my no-ip domains. But I have one computer in a network that refuses to update. Tried several versions including the latest, but always says 'Last Update - Never'. Another computer on the network runs the updater also, and performs flawlessly. ?


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JT wrote:

all marcs updaters started failing over last few days with "unknown %1" error" whan updating to dyndns.com - tested with other update program and it worked, new bug? error?


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Joe wrote:

Hi Marc - I've confirmed my userid and password, your client states "The username and password pair does not match a real user"  I've logged into DNS-O-Matic's control panel with the same userid and password that I'm using in your update client, which is my email address.  Any ideas?  Thank you!


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Frank Abel wrote:

I installed Win 8 and your updater and I am wondering why it doesn't update any more. Any issues with Windows 8?


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Brendan McCoy wrote:

It won't update my IP, unless I open and close the GUI application!


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Tala Pantas wrote:

hi marc! really appreciate this program, i was looking for a way to run opendns updater as a service and this one pops right in the google search matches. hopefully a manual update button can be added as well since i am using a
mobile usb broadband
connected to a dhcp network of our isp and it will just give a "%1" error the first time it runs and wait 5 mins to run the ip update again. only after 5 mins will my ip get updated and 3 mins for opendns to push the content filtering rules all over. perhaps you can just add a sleep interval of like 5 to 10 sec from the time it detects an active internet connection until it could push the ip address a dhcp server has assigned to a network adapter? all in all it completely replaced my opendns updater and im a completely happy user right now! haha


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tayiper wrote:

Hello Marc after some time... Just as a "by the way", that "SSL certificate" issue still exists; in fact it has existed in all the versions of Marcs Updater released after the one release for which you said (in the description of changes/fixes) that you've fixed it. It doesn't bother me much at all (therefore I hesitated so long to even mention this), but just so that you know... It's the very same thing: two green check-marks and one yellow exclamation mark (and you need to press Yes). Of course, this happens only if you start/close the service and/or tray component often (as I am used to). So again, for most users it's probably not even a bit annoying (and again, ss mentioned, it doesn't bother me too). Best regards, Tadej from Slovenia


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Ckj2890 wrote:

Hello! I love the program's feature to filter SSID's. That's why I have chosen to use your program. I have a question though... why have I begun receiving this message? And what can I do to correct it?