Marcs Updater

There have been some reports about issues with the Updater not updating anymore. Please try the latest beta version and switch to another IP Check provider instead of the previous default dnsomatic.com. For some reason they are rate-limiting the number of requests to their service. The new IP Check provider selection allows you to choose another provider in such cases. You can test the functionality with the new "Test" panel.

If you want to add a custom provider to the unstable testing version, store a JSON file like the following under %PROGRAMDATA%\Marcs Updater\ServiceProviders\dyndns.json:

    "name": "DynDNS.org (Test)",
    "endpoint": "https://members.dyndns.org/nic/update",
    "method": "GET",
    "queryString": "hostname={HOSTNAME}&myip={MYIP}",
    "dataPayload": "",
    "defaults": {
        "username": "test",
        "password": "test",
        "hostname": "test1.customtest.dyndns.org"

Supported query and payload tags are {USERNAME}, {PASSWORD}, {HOSTNAME} and {MYIP}. Restart the background service and foreground application to apply any changes.

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Adriaan wrote:

Nice software!
I tried using it to update my Cloudflare DNS via Dns-O-Matic, but it seems Dns-O-Matic <-> Cloudflare is broken (updates a random domain...)
Anybody have another workaround for updating Cloudflare DNS entry?

Open sourcing the project or creating a plugin system for adding additional DNS providers would be great!
Or adding Cloudflare or of course the custom provider support that is planned will also do the trick I guess, any idea when that will be ready?


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Marc wrote:

You can now try to add it yourself. I just posted the instructions on how to add a custom service provider via JSON at the top of this page.