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aloja wrote:

Hello i have a problem with Macs Updater, do not match real user


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Michael wrote:

I just upgraded to, and am getting badauth messages instead of IP updates. I did an upgrade through the software (it prompted for the upgrade). I re-entered all my information, and now it's not even trying.


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hola21 wrote:

Hello, it does not make the application, once I install it and I try to run it, in w10 in another7 I have no problem


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David wrote:


I'm trying to install the updater on server 2016, the install seems to go through correctly but the service is never created\registered and trying to launch the exe doesn't do any thing. Been using it on 2012 since it was released with no issues and would be great if you can get it working on 2016.




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Ralf wrote:

Nach dem Update von letzter Nacht hat das letzte Stable-Release des Updaters leider seinen Dienst eingestellt. Auch eine Neu-Installation hat keine Besserung gebracht. Das Programm startet nicht mehr. Die Version startet zwar, bietet mir aber nicht mehr strato als host an :-(

Gibt es hier eine Möglichkeit, das irgendwo einzustellen?


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Korbinian wrote:


Der Dienst "Marcs Updater" läuft bei mir zwar scheinbar, allerdings führt der Updater keine Updates durch. Unter "letzte Aktualisierung" steht seit Tagen "nie" und unter "letztes Ergebnis" steht "keines", obwohl ein Überprüfungsintervall von 5 min eingestellt ist. Woran könnte das liegen?
Zur Info: System Win XP SP3

Vielen Dank!


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Eric wrote:

I keep getting the reply "Please update your username...". I am using Securepoint Dynamic DNS Service SPDNS. Also the Beta Installer hangs at "Checking the Digital Signature"


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Boq wrote:

We have a failover in place on our router and recently we've been having issues with marcs updater constantly changing the IP back and forth between our primary IP and our secondary failover IP. We use marcs updater because we have a ton of problems with sonicwall's DDNS updater and I'm hoping this doesn't mean we will need to switch back. Any ideas? I was in our server earlier and Marcs Updater changed the IP about 5 times in the course of a minute.


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Jeffrey wrote:

Updater sending to Dns-o-Matic is not updating all hosts.
If I fill in the host field in your updater, it updates that one host. But "all.dnsomatic.com" is not working; no updates are made even though they say it should.